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A little about me.
I´m a old fart gamer born 1978 from Sweden that enjoy playing a little to much. Started gaming at the age of 4 on some weird console with a keyboard, 2 joysticks and a slot on the top where you inserted the game cartridges. I'm assuming it was some sort of atari. Since then i owned alot of different consoles and computers, such as the Commodore 64, Nintendo 8,16 and 64bit, NeoGeo, Megadrive, Playstation 1,2 and some obscure Chinese consoles i cant even recall the names of to mention a few. These days i pretty much only play on the PC.

Apart from gaming to much I am a hobby/enthusiast photographer as well.
My setup.
1. Intel i9 9900k cooled by Corsair H100i Platinum RGB
2. 32gb Ram
3. RTX 2060 Super
4. Logitech C920
5. Corsair K70 RGB MK2 Low Profile Keyboard
6. Corsair Dark Core SE and QI mouse pad.
7. 31.5" 144Hz Main screen.
8. 512Gb Nvme System drive, 1tb SSD game drive and 1tb HDD for storage.

I guess that covers the most interesting hardware at least.
1. Keep a civil tone in the chat.
2. Treat others with respect.
3. No spam, i get enough of that in my email.
4. Keep political talks away, we all have different opinions and i for one can do without the drama when playing.
5. Follow or a ghost will haunt your dreams. :P
I have another hobby apart from gaming and that is photography.

If you want to view some of my images this links to my flickr page since my website is not getting any love at the moment. Can also find me on facebook at
Well, right now there is no schedule. I might set one up depending on how much i enjoy streaming.