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I'm Spankz, a transgender streamer :D

A few things before we start, please read.

1. No Racism or specific group hate - this means inside and outside of the community streams,chats and discord, this will result in an instant ban.
2. Behave within the live stream chat or if invited to join in on the live stream or stream voice chat.
3. Don't spam the live stream chat unless given permission to do so.
4. Please don't promote other streams unless given permission.
5. NO SPOILERS - Don't post/talk about spoilers for games, movies, tv shows and etc.
6. Don't ask/beg to become a mod.
7. NO RP/ERP within the live stream chat - This is to keep from making it a cluttered mess, if you plan on doing rp please take it some place else.
8. DON'T BEG OR ASK FOR THE CHEST TO BE OPENED - I will ignore you and it shows you're only here for Lino and nothing else, don't bother showing up if that is your plan.
9. DON'T leach or scam - If I invite you to join in stream and I tell people to watch you that is fine, if you try to leach views or scam you will no longer be allowed to participate within my streams any more.

Now that thats over with, please consider joining my hub, it's brand new!

I will be quiet unless requested by the watchers during story based games, and speak, though with a voice modifier to sound how I feel comfortable when playing multiplayer or non-story based games!

Thanks for reading, and I will update this board as time goes on, have fun! :D