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Hi I'm Spectre, and welcome to "The Posse"

I'm a full time deputy sheriff in California, currently assigned as a K9 handler, and a father of two wonderful kids.  Been gaming for as long as I can remember. It's my escape from the stress of work and a way for me relax and let off some steam. Between work and the kids there isn't much left for gaming so when I get home from work its time to game and just chill.
* Have fun, and don't be an ass.  There will be trash talk but let's keep it civil and friendly.  This is my get away from the stress of work and real life responsibilities so no drama please.  
* No spamming or hate speech, be respectful of everyone in the stream and chat.  Let's just game.
* No self promotion.  Please don't come in and tell me to join your channel.  That's just disrespectful.
* Don't ask to be invited to the game or to join.  If I am playing with followers I will ask if anyone wants to join or start a queue.
* Don't tell me what games I should or shouldn't play unless I ask.  This is my channel and I will play what I enjoy.
* CPU:  Intel i7-8700K 3.7 ghz
* RAM: 32GB DDR4-3000
* GPU:  ASUS Turbo GTX 1080 8gbtwitter
* HD:   Western Digital Blue 500gb SSD
* MB:   MSI Z370 SLI Plus
* Case: Thermaltake Versa C23
* Monitor: BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 
* Astro A40 TR + Mixamp Pro TR headphones
* Razer Ripsaw capture card
* Audiotechnica ATR-2500 mic
* Microsoft Lifecam 1080P webcam
Due to my current shift schedule at work I will be on mostly late at night.  Stream should start within 15-20 minutes of start time as long as I get off work on time.  Hit that follow button and favorite me on Xbox to get notified when I go live.

*All times Pacific (GMT-7)*
Thursday-Saturday // 10:30 pm
Tips/Donations are never required but your support is greatly appreciated. All tips/donations will go to the stream for new equipment, new games or for follower/sub giveaways - https://streamlabs.com/spectre5

Of course Lino's are always appreciated.
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