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Hello there!
Welcome to my channel!

A little about me - I'm just a guy from southeastern European country, Romania.

I've been using a PC since I was ...can't even remember. While I do use an X Box 360 controller on some games, I do not and will not own a console (do not ask why as I will not answer that question).

You may see me play some strategy games, but mostly, I play games that bring me joy. Hopefully, you will all enjoy them also. Most games played are Survival and building games like Ark, Space Engineers, Conan Exiles, etc.

I do enjoy some shooters from time to time but PVP is not my thing, so if I do play a PVP in general, not just shooters, please note that I will NOT play like a pro and consider yourself warned about it. I won't mind your opinion as long as it is with positive mindset (you may even make fun of me being killed all the time) and not hate.

Outside of gaming I enjoy playing guitar, watching movies, other streamers, listen to good music and bunch of other stuff.

That being said, everything else that you may want to know, please ask in chat and if the question is asked a lot, I will add it here LOL
1st ever donation and support received from RadioActive

Follow him at https://dlive.tv/RadioActive

If you want to donate to me directly, I thank you and appreciate you for supporting me. Please use the following link to do so. Also, Please let me know in chat that you did so as I want to thank you while on stream. https://paypal.me/Spideroff?locale.x=en_US

This will always be here
Thank you for your support, my friend.

There will be other links here for people that helped me when I needed help.

* Katalina-ooma - cannot describe what an amazing person and content streamer she is: https://dlive.tv/katalina-ooma
* Doomwave - you can check his amazing content here: https://dlive.tv/Doomwave
* Evildchild - the first streamer I watched and got me thinking I could do this. Great content: https://dlive.tv/Evildchild

The App I am using to change appearance and voice modulation is called FaceRig and you can find it on Steam Store.
1) Respect everyone - especially mods, guardians and staff! (TBD)

2) No racism or any other ism - keep it positive

3) No backseat gaming unless asked

4) English only in chat! I do speak other languages, but this is an English speaking channel!

5) Everything said on the stream is my own opinion - you don't have to agree
Not sure how to use it, but I have one :D
You can use in chat the following commands:

!uptime (The stream has been live for...)
!8ball <question> (takes decisions for you)
!sr <YouTube video ID> (what comes after v= in the link of your vid)
Music provided by http://spoti.fi/NCS
Join my discord channel (not much there yet, but at least you will be notified when I go live)