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The Freakin Weekend
Chatting English
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Come hang when I'm offline:
cuz Dlive
We have reached level 5 bruhs, we in overdrive!
Hey Everyone! Welcome to the stream, my name is Señor Burro aka Burro. Come join in on the fun as we embark on many adventures and meet plenty of cool people. Some of the content you will find on this stream:
-killing stuffs in games
-getting rekt in fore mentioned games XD
-weebing out to newest anime & some of the classics
-And of course just hangin out, chattin, drinking, and packin some herb

Join me and make it even better <o

***Recent Updates:
-upgraded to Snowball mic (in black)
-Added a MSI 27" gaming monitor
*Working on amvs*** this needs to be next focus, the upgrades have been great but it's time to change gears.

Games you'll see here (updated Jan):
Rust, Mafia, Moonlighter and many more!
Anime you'll see here (updated Jan):
Attack on Titan, Dr Stone, Cells at Work, and more!
Rules/Guidelines to be aware of:
1. No touching of the hair or face
2. Don't spam the chat unless we are opening chest
3. Trolling is fine, just don't be disruptive
The Burro behind the the Whole Operation
About me:
I love gaming, anime and animals. I have 6 yr old Pit named Trinity (my lil raptor). I hold down 2 jobs and whatever free time I'm left with is spent gaming or binging some anime. Have a Bachelor's in 3d modeling/animation and am trying to get back into some projects now that I have a decent computer. Also have gotten into making AMVs as of lately (link in profile)
Go & Check Out my Amvs
I'm Fine

Please Dont Let Me Down:

The Struggle of Obito:

Darling in the Franxx AMV:

BG Playlist credit:
I have added several new AMVs from artists such as:
Light Raider
Shoot me a message if you wanna add your work or if I didn't properly credit you (sorry!)

always more to come..
The Nug Shop (still under construction)
Spend your nugs with these items:
!JO1 = OMG!
!JO2 = OH NO!!
!JO3 = Sexy time
!JO4 = O Doppio
!JO5 = RIP
!fight = epic showdown1
!JC = Cena attack!
!66 = kill the jedi
!F = no no no
!eevee = epic music
!jet = evil laugh
!weeb = SENPAI
!reee = reeeeeeeeeee
!stop = MJ
!F2 = F lol
!nerd = neeeeerd
!scat = musical magic
!thirst = WARNING
!Joy = ear pain
STREAM AVATARS: (coming soon!!)
!help = Displays a list of basic commands.
!random = Forces your avatar to equip a randomize layout. (avatar, color, gear items)
!avatars = Displays a list of available avatars.
!avatars <choice> = Forces your avatar to change to the chosen avatar.