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Some Stuff you might need to know
~Real Name~: Chris
~What I usually do~: Usually I stream FPS games but I vary between category
~Rules~: Not to hard to understand, swearing is fine. However racism, jokes about suicide, self promotion, random links (unless asked by me), flirting in chat and spam will lead to bans (Temporary or permanent depending on the subject) A joke is a joke so also don't be a snowflake, but at the same time don't be a dick, also no arguing.
~Summarised Settings for FPS games~:Everything Low, except shadows(only in R6) and sometimes I will use higher textures.
~Sens For Games~: DPI:400
R6-: 10 H 10 V 83 ADS
PUBG-: 54 General Sens 54 everything else
Any Source Game-: 2.40
I'm open to advice and recommendations about my stream just ask in chat.