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What is this channel all about?
Hey! I'm developing a game called DIluvian Ultra

Development Status: ACTIVE
Diluvian is a fast paced retro FPS shooter, you awake on your trawling stone spaceship to find your sanctuary invested with alien invaders. Grab your sword and drive them out!
click the image above for a gameplay example video.

go check out the game for FREE for a limited time only! over at gamejolt, you can throw some money our way but if you'd rather get it for free just add $0 then proceed to the download:

Gameplay Video:
I am glad to announce that diluvian has a patreon where you can show your support! The tiers include benefits like gaining access to development builds as we add new features into the game and a chance to follow the deep story behind the game world. Thanks so much to any patreons who support the project. If you have any benefit suggestions let us know in the discord:
Hey..........I am an indie game developer currently working on a game called Diluvian! I like long walks along the beach and I only like my bread toasted on one side.

Oh yeah...donations are have been warned

I also restream:
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Click on the banner above to donate through streamlabs. Donations are hugely appreciated, even if it's just a lemon. This game is currently unfunded, I am using savings to support the development. In short, any support I receive means the game gets done quicker. Thank you.

bitcoin address: 1P7QQrEEePZQ6Phs4EshhgxSx7CidAdFaK
Programs I use in order of frequency:
-Aseprite - pixel art paint program (not free) -
-Spriter - modular animation tool (not free) -
-Colour Ramp Generator - (free)
-Photoshop - painting program (not free) -
-PureRef - used for references / mood boards, I HIGHLY recommend this app, its a huge time saver (free) -
-Audacity - audio editor (free) -
-Unreal Engine - game making engine 4 (free)-
Development Status: ON HOLD
Xile is an epic rolling 2d side scrolling space game currently being developed using the Godot engine, click the link to follow the Twitter:
Free Demo:
Personal Work Instagram:
Here you'll find my personal work, Im open for commissions, if you need a fantasy character drawn, let me know. We'll work something out
You want to learn how to do pixel art too? Watch all of Mortmort videos and you'll become a pixel art deity
I usually default to The Prime Thanatos on youtube for the music playlist, click the picture to visit his streaming youtube channel

Intro Song: I'm Sorry, Artist: Swell
Are you asleep ...boi??