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Simple: D.D.D.S.
Stuff !! = That Means....

Rude personal attacks of ANY kind, on ANY person for Any reason, is just don't ok?

If I need to spell that out any more Barney style than that...
Just go now please, & Thank You in Advance, for your time and attention in this matter.
I really would prefer to keep it light on here most of the time.... like 90% of the time.
But I can be a bit flexible, just don't get into politics / religion with me.(PERIOD)

English please, not to be rude to anyone else, but I'm doing well to participate in conversations in English, so I'm not going to do well to mix it up, and take any chances. So English Only. Thank You :-)


DLive and I are NOT responsible for anything.
If you're a parent, or minor watching my streams, or anyone else's streams. You have been Advised. I'm not a babysitter. I am Not a Therapist. You clicked to be here. And thank you for it...
You are in my forest, it is my home, treat it as such.
About Me :
I'm retired from the service of the U.S. , so I can hang out with all you amazing beings.
It's fair to say that I have a couple few medical conditions that I need to keep an eye on, so I may need your patients from time to time, and if you will grant it, it's appreciated.

We can talk about culture, and evolution of Entertainment while we game, and all it's many forms.
Card/Dice based games, what about the Comic book Industry? Movies, Anime..

Whats your Genre, and why? Console, PC, Big name, or Indi? I can't say I have preferences, but what about you?

Sometimes we won't game, we can just goof off and chat, I'm good at getting a gab on. We homestead a bit, so feel free to ask me about why I'm so tired, and I don't feel like gaming (although it's so dear to me)

I have nearly every game console I have bought, why? Because I still have the games, and I loved most of them, so let's play, and laugh while I try to figure out some of the controls again ( I mean come on..Game Cube?!?!?)

I know a lil about a lot of things, never know when that may come in handy. So lets do this dlive !!!