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I post updates on telegram on why I didn't stream that day.
When in Roleplay Communities
1. Don't use this stream to mg to find me, must be completely cross paths with me at random icly, or if on admin duty via reports depending on the server in.
Roleplay Jargan:
OOC: Out of Character: Out of Character Chats such as /b for local ooc , / ooc for global ooc , /f for faction ooc , /don for donator ooc and /pm for private messages which is also ooc chats
In Character: In character chats such us if press t key for say , /s to shout , /w for whisper and /r for radio and if in a faction depending on the faction type /dep for departmental and actions /me usage : /me begins to run. /do slows down to rest after five miles.
PG: Power Gaming: doing unrealistic actions on your character or when in a vehicle such as /me jumps off of a building , /do flies and lands on the roof top of next building across the street.
MG: Metagaming , mixing ic information with ooc vis versa
Galactic Warrior Enterprise
If your Interested in joining Galactic Warrior Enterprise and have world of trucks or Euro & American Truck Simulators or both please visit the link above.