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All about ME!!
I'm just a guy with a camera having fun streaming so i'm not an entertainer but can be entertaining to laugh at which i cant provide you an enjoyable stream if you dont provide me a good material to have fun with.

My full time job is a Roofer in Florida since 2011.

I'm an army veteran with 24 months deployed to iraq as infantry, 2 hurricane disaster relief deployments and 13 years in service total between active, reserves and Florida national guard.

One day id like to IRL stream roofing but the start up cost are steep so it be awhile before i get to that.
ALL about Bertha!!
36 with a mind permanently lodged in the gutter and a soft spot for creepy crawlies, half-feral men and unusual things.

I have many talents.
Stream Schedule
Mon - Fri: 8pm to 11PM
Sat- Sun: from wake up to sleep.

being a roofer is rough work, some days i come home exhausted and in pain which will those days i wont stream.

JUN - NOV is the hotest and most brutal months of florida roofing but the most unstable work due to rain as well.

one day ill be streaming all day due to no work and the next im coming home fried from the sun and heat to working weekends to make bill money.
3 Cats! I'm not a cat lady DAMN IT!!
Aurora: emotionally unavailable.
Rescued at 2 weeks old and was nearly crushed by a dumpster being dropped off.

Athena: emotionally unstable
I adopted from a friends not responsible enough to spay and neuter to companion aurora. didnt work.

Pursia: mommy issues
Adopted me though my window with big saucer eyes and has an eyebrow fetish.
CincyFPS discord is where i call home for ARK and the one place your guaranteed to find me lurking.
ARK: Survival Evolved
We are masters at Ark, 99% of questions we can answer from gameplay, troubleshooting to server config files

We play on a public server that is very relaxed play but there is risk of PVP with an option of PVE play within the PVP world.

Sundays normally be dedicated to ARK streaming.