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Sunday Fun Day with Stryker The Redneck!!!
Hey Y'all Welcome to My Channel!!!

I am sure glad your here to help us Slay our Dragons, Tame our Critters, whoop the Shit Outta Joe, Bob & Larry or
whatever the heck brings you to our flame stick lite neck of the wood! I hope all our adventures are full of happiness for all of us!
I look forward to see you all in chat and gaming with us! That said, Please check the rules so we can all keep laughing when Stryker Hollers, "Hey Y'all hold my Beer and Watch this shit!".
I'm just a good ole southern boy that likes to game and have fun I have been wanting to stream for a couple years now and i have finally gotten started! I welcome you to join me in our discord community The Torchwood for Fun Chats, Friends, Tons of Gaming Options for every ones taste! I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you and having a blast gaming and more!
These apply to everyone. (Even if your just passing thru.)

1. If You are not 18 or older or don't act 18 or older You are in the Wrong Place Go Back and Try Agian.

2. NO HATE (Gender/Race/ECT.) Talk,Text or Otherwise will be Tolerated.

3. Do Not Be Annoying to others, PLEASE!

4. If you don't like something please let Myself [Stryker] or any of the Staff know what up so we can try to improve the situation.

5. We are Friendly and we are trying to Expand Our Group to include a variety of folks in the gaming world so if You have Friends by all means, Y'all come on an have a Good time just be sure they Know there are rules and they apply to ALL!

6. Life's a bitch but we are here to have fun lets have some!!!

Your Friendly Admin,
Stryker The Redneck
Discord: Stryker#3462


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