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Subjective X Reviews
the goal of this channel is to present fan made films animations and independent short films for review and discussion. all content is owned by its creators and i have no claim to any creative content. there fore i will not activate the donations. i have no pay pal or any such thing.
Long story short, i just wanna share things that ive seen and liked.
what to expect
i will be presenting a lot of WarHammer 40K Fan made films. Short science fiction horror and animated independent creations. I will be presenting content that contains violence and dark themes. If you object to violent content and adult language at times this channel is not for you.
the role of my Mods and my channel rules
I will give at my discretion Mod roles to chat fam that i have gotten to know so to speak from other channels i follow. They have full authority to deal out punishment as they see fit.
Rule 1.Dont ask to be a Mod if you are not known to me
Rule 2. Dont be a sperg troll or rude . Mods have free reign to kick you, no luv
Rule 3. dont flood chat with to me im boomer tec and will miss them when im loading the que and doing the behind the scene stuff. Dont take it personally if i miss a comment.
Rule 4 If you dont like my channel feel free to go else where, Im doing this to share stuff i like not cater to your tastes.
Rule 5. at this point i will not be taking requests , again nothing personal i will be doing a lot of stuff im new at so bear with me.