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Hello. My name is Jon! I live in the Rocky Mountains here in the US.

Growing up I was captivated by video games. When gaming alone, I sank tons of hours into Pokemon, Mario, and Smash Bros. Once my family gained access to the internet, I would spend my computer time playing Runescape, Counter-Strike, and Maple Story.

Now I'm all grown up and still enjoy playing games. Ideally, I game with friends on a couch, crack jokes, and eat good food. I'd love to capture that vibe on my channel.
Streaming at 6PM on Sundays this month.

Then I'm going on a 4 month work trip...
Don't hate on people in chat
Don't get political
Don't Dox
Don't post links

Xcom Commands
Big fan of strategies and sandbox games. I enjoy games like:
* Metal Gear
* Xcom 2
* Skyrim
* Ark
* Valhiem