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Whats up Trash Bags?! Welcome to the world of the SuperTrashGamers where being trash is life and having fun is the priority. Let me explain a little bit of who we are and what we are all about. There are 4 members of STG and our names are: Cadman2013, Rolandcc311, Shawn316, and Skullkings. The first 3 will be seen throughout the week here on Dlive,Twitch, Youtube, and occasionally Facebook. We are new to Dlive and dont know a lot about this platform and we have been mainly on Youtube. Skullkings is our social media executive TrashMan and he will be spreading our support for gaming on your channels as well. Our goal is to make this a career and do what we love while supporting our families but most importantly having fun. We want to show that you dont have to JUST be a pro gamer to make it in the gaming world and all the support we get from you guys will get us closer and closer to proving that its really all about having fun and having an escape from the daily obstacles any of us face in our every day lives. So if you'd like to come in and talk to us about your day or anything bothering you or say whats up or even just to watch and get your mind off anything by watching the fun we have ,then thats what we are here for so Welcome to the Dump and as always .....Stay Trashy!