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SurplusPrepper Channel
My channel is here to help educate those that need help with prepping, survival, trekking, camping, and other related stuff to keep yourself, a group, and others alive.

U.S. Army Veteran, Volunteer Fire fighter/Instructor, fisherman, outdoors adventurer, traveler, history buff, HAM radios, and love's to tinker in electronics and programming.
1.Respect the channel and members.
2.No flaming/discriminating towards religion, sex, sexual preference, race or ethnicity.
3.No bullying, harassing, fighting, arguing or threatening.

5.No cussing or inappropriate words or topics
6.No spamming or trolling
7.No advertising other chats/channels
8.No caps lock
9.No drug or sex Talk
10.Respect the mods they are enforcing the rules…

Don’t ask to become a moderator. It’s earned. If we’re interested in your assistance, we will contact you.
• Just be nice, it’s amazing what happens when we’re all nice to each other.

Use English, we need a single language to be able to understand each other. If you’re not fluent, please use a translator such as Google Translate:


• Inappropriate usernames
• Profanity
• Asking for subscriptions (subs)
• Being intentionally disruptive, creating arguments or any other jerk-like behavior
• Not following the moderators’ instructions

It is considered blasphemy to insult or mock Christianity or any part of the Trinity-Father (God), Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. Honest debate about the nature of God and Christian Theology is allowed, but derogatory remarks are not. Contemptuous remarks regarding Christianity or Christian practices are not allowed.
Chat Moderator Responsibilities
The tools a Chat Moderator has access to are official warnings, kicking, and banning users. Chat mods should make visitors feel welcome, and not uncomfortable in any way.
Keep watch over the chat making sure the chat guidelines are being followed.

Issue a warning before kicking/banning someone from chat

Resolving conflict diplomatically.

Maintain an overall mature and friendly demeanor when interacting with other users.

A Guide To Being a DLive Moderator

1. RESPECT everyone
Even on the Internet, you are dealing with real human beings. Though they made be rude at times and fail to show an appropriate level of respect to others, you must lead by example.
2. GREET all newcomers
People love attention. Understand that newcomers may feel ignored and leave the chat if they are not acknowledged shortly after making an effort to say “hello.”
Positivity reduces stress. Awkwardly complaining and sharing your negative thoughts and feelings will only worsen the days of those around you. Maintain a positive outlook in even the most unpromising situations. If you need to eliminate frustrations or sadness, speak to someone in private.
4. Make the streamer LOOK good
Streaming is a competitive business. Since the streamer trusts you to represent the stream, you should “sell” him/her to the best of your ability.
5. AVOID spamming
It is not your fault if the chat resembles a Mod wall; the ratio of active Mods to active chat members is out of your control. However, you can avoid spamming by sending fewer, longer messages instead of more, shorter messages. Until some other Mods leave the chat, the fewer times your sword shows up in the chat, the better.
6. Keep the discussion GOING
Conversations have a tendency to become stagnant. Bring up random topics, any of which can spark a new conversation to keep the chat flowing. If possible, try to get some lurkers involved as well.
7. Handle rude people PROPERLY
More specifically, “kill them with kindness” to show that they are failing to get the better of you. Once they are dealt with, discourage chat members from discussing the situation. Rude people want to be the center of attention, so do not give them any additional attention. They are not worth it.
8. KNOW the commands
At the very least, familiarize yourself with basic commands essential to any chat experience. If you can, study some more complex ones as well because you will likely need to explain to chat members on how to use them.
9. REMIND the streamer to utilize social media
If you notice the streamer failed to make an announcement before going live, bring it up to him/her. Even if his/her social media following is not very large, doing so provides opportunities for even just one new person to discover the channel.
10. REMEMBER people
Remember chat members after their first visits to the stream. It will make them feel important, thus inclining them to return to the channel again.
11. Do NOT try to impress people
If people are impressed by how much you contribute, then so be it, but there is no need to show off. Being a Mod is nothing to brag about. Possessing the role simply means you are trusted, and trust is quite simple to earn with time.
12. Play STUPID when appropriate
Many times, chat members will miss important information about the stream. Even if you already know the information discussed, ask the streamer about it, so he/she will briefly mention it again. This is a seamless way to get the streamer to repeat himself/herself for chat members who were unaware that they missed information.
13. Do NOT force yourself to be fake
It can be daunting to constantly spam “hello” alongside cringeworthy emotes; doing so may also come across as robotic and insincere to some people. Be sure to share your unique personality, characteristics, and interests.
14. Do NOT blame yourself for slow days
The occurrence of a less successful broadcast does not mean you failed to fulfill your role. All streamers, no matter how popular they are, experience slow days.
15. Keep your Direct Messages open at ALL times
Considering how a Mod is technically an “authority figure” in the chat, you will be confronted with questions and concerns in your Direct Messages. These sometimes lead to long conversations that will distract you from the stream, so be prepared to multitask.
16. Do NOT treat this role as a full-time job
The channel is not yours. The streamer is earning all the money, fame, and success, so do not lose sleep over trying to help him/her.
17. SUBSCRIBE to the channel
Unless you will not mind being the only Mod in the chat not subscribed to the channel, you should consider purchasing a subscription. Otherwise, be prepared for chat members to constantly bring up your lack of a subscriber badge. If you cannot afford to subscribe, a gifted subscription to the channel can easily resolve this situation.
18. Do NOT ban chat members for fun
Though chat members see when people are banned, they may not be able to distinguish a real ban from a pretend ban. If they see too many unnecessary bans, they will question whether you are abusing your power.
19. Do NOT excessively utilize inside jokes
New chat members may think you are making fun of them, or they may feel left out because they do not understand the channel’s inside jokes.
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