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WoW Classic - Vanilla
Svetlana Savinkov
Svetlana Savinkova, Cucked Canada (west) Slavic Canadian ;) Truther, Against Globalism, Zionism and the NWO.

My husband (SteviSlav) and I are both GenX'ers and therefore, both old school gamers. There isn't much we haven't played from our first Ataris to the new consoles and PC games. Currently we are both playing Neverwinter - Uprising and WOW Classic for some vanilla nostalgia. Come chill with us anytime. There is always some fun game and video commentary. We are both noobs when it comes to streaming and learning the OBS software, so if there is anything we can do to improve our streams we are open to suggestions.
Svetlana Savinkov on dlive
Free speech advocate, mature content, swearing permitted (and encouraged). No porn, no spamming. I am a truther, question everything always. War is murder, taxation is extortion, governments are mafias, police are gangs, politicians are prostitutes - no exceptions. This channel is for gaming, survival techniques, and weed smokers.
Svetya in Clownderpland
Sometimes the world seems so ridiculous, so absolutely absurd, that the only conclusion you can get is that we live in Clown world. Chasing "globalists" down rabbit holes feels a lot like being Alice in Wonderland, where the truth is inside out, and you've got reality on backwards. (except in Clownderpland)
I support FREE SPEECH, Independent media and content creators in all of their endeavors. The following is a list of the creators I followed over here to #dlive from the censorship technocracy, and my favorite streamers I found since I came here. You can usually find me chilling over here if I am not streaming. (Still figuring out how to add links for other content creators and streamers - I will update as soon as possible)

#getoffgoogle #endthetechnopoly
I support FREE SPEECH, Independent media and content creators in all of their endeavors. I follow back. I will support your channel if I frequent your stream. Like Ricky on Trailer Park Boys said to the judge, "If I can't smoke and swear, I can't properly represent myself." For that reason, my stream will be marked mature. I drop a lot of F-bombs. I speak in the moment. I really don't understand how people get so offended by the littlest thing these days, so please, none of that here. I am probably the least racist person you will ever meet. I have many gay friends. I have a you do you attitude and believe everyone every where deserves their sovereignty. I identify as a Dukhobor Christian. Every human on this earth deserves FREEDOM and independence from government.
Gopnitsa / Slav life meme / Squatting zone
Slavs Squat here:
-no Slav, no Party
-You Slav, You Lose
-Meanwhile in Russia
-vodka preferably potato vodka
-track suit is religion
-Slav your ass off!
-Pepe is Slav :D
-kolbassa sausage is the best sausage
-pirogis, hollupchis, and borscht are my cooking specialties.
-gopniks and gopnitsas welcome
-ushankas are cool
-Heels touch down when Slavs squat around.
-tri poloski / three stripes is Slav
-Reclaim kolovrat
-Cheeki Breeki Boris fan
-cyka blyat idi nakhoi pizdyet' korva ye'bat