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A starting streamer on DLive. // IRL stuffs and talks
Creator note :
I'm really sorry if sometimes i breakdown on stream. i don't even know why i make it a big deal, it's not like i'm a big streamer or somehing. i just feel insecure sometimes and i feel like i'm being repetitive and not doing my best. i don't wanna fake being happy if i'm "really not" happy. i wanna share my problems with my audience cause it'll make me feel better.

but yeah :>, i keep making my stream a big deal and it's stupid, im sorry. im trying my best. i just wanna be happy and grow as a good streamer or content creator. Thank you for making this read so far. i appreciate it ^^

Hi! i'm Syle, 17, a small streamer who enjoys interacting with the audience. If you managed to pass by my stream. Thank you! i really appreciate it. if you're willing to stay, or follow, or donate linos, i would really appreciate it and it would mean so much to me. the linos will be the thing that'll upgrade the stream. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

TL;DR : I love you fam.
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Monday - 4PM / 1PM PDT
Tuesday - 4PM PDT
Wednesday - 4PM PDT
Thursday - 4/5 PM PDT
Friday - OPTIONAL | 3/ 4PM PDT
Saturday - 9AM PDT | 3/4PM PDT
Sunday - 8/9AM PDT | 3/4PM PDT

Saturday and Sunday // OPTIONAL Stream (mostly not, but if the stream becomes active i will most likely change my stream schedule)
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Recommendations !
Here's some ppl on DLive that i recommend you to check out! they're all cool people. trust me ;)

Rac :
(Mostly smash and R6 Siege and just being an idiot)
Luna :
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Dapont :
(This guy's stream is much more high quality than pewds' camera lmaoo)
Madi :
(Chill and realistic. go check her out!)
(This guy is talented af. give him a follow and stay!)
LTZonda :
(It's in his username, LIT) (the fvking cringe)
Okto :
(Check this guy out. he's friendly!)
Dred :
(Pretty cool guy!)
VJ :
(This guy does what he loves on stream. he's chill and nice)
I Love These People !