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Welcome to the Stream of:
The Collective Gathering: ELPTX
Texas, USA
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I am generally a variety streamer that streams multiple games and genres. My favorite genre is horror and my month is October. Please, don't request games in chat and ask me to play Fortnite. I am really bad at the game and chose not to play it. There are plenty of other streamers that do and go enjoy them. Thank for those who do watch my stream. I appreciate it.
Monday Through Saturday: Time Varies

Sun: Restreams

*Times are subject to change*
1. I may cuss every now and then but do not direct it towards anyone in chat. So please don't as well.
2. Politics, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual preference and etc, are not discussed here or under any circumstance be violated against another person in chat.
3. Please be respectful to the streamer and the moderators that take time to help me. I have their full confidence that they will be honest in their handling of my viewers.
4. Just enjoy the stream and hope to see you again.
5. I do not like trolls or bullies in chat. This will be a instant ban.
6. Please follow all T.O.S. that DLive has implemented on their platform.
Games Schedule:
*Subject to Change*

Monday - Wednesday: Overwatch

Thursday : Minecraft

Friday -Saturday: Random Games

October: Horror Stream Month

*Please do not beg me to play games and I refuse to play Fortnite. I watch it though and yes I'm not good at the game.*