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I am Thecyberbear I live in the north of the U.K.

I have been streaming for over 5 years and I usually stream 3-5 days a week for about 3-6 hours at around 6 P.M. UK time across multiple platforms with either games or music or a mix of both. Though the frequency and consistency of my streaming can change as I have physical conditions (Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) Please feel free to google about it) that can affect me day to day so please follow my social media links that are in the other panels to know when I am streaming.

The 3rd of every month is always Shenmue day on my channel.

My first game I ever streamed was Surgeon Simulator on the PS4 August 13 2014.

I also want to thank everyone for following me being the amazing dudes that you are and also showing me so much support and making me fall in love with gaming all over again every stream is a blast!
100% Optional and always appreciated! I always want to bring the best possible stream I can for all my followers and all donations and bits are put towards my stream for equipment and games to play. ALL donations and bits are read out out screen. The donation service uses paypal and not refundable.
1: Do not advertise your own or anyone else's channel on my channel.

2: Do not ask to be a mod.

3: Do not ask for me to change the game/track or my broadcast time for you. I play what and when I like though game/music suggestions for the future are welcome.

4: Do not be racist, homophobic, sexist or abusive to me or any other dude on here. If this happens there is a instant ban.

5: I do not use any banners or adverts unless I want them and anyone that tries to push them will be banned.

6: Unless I ask for a hint please do not tell me or complain at me of how I play my game.

7: Anyone comes in just to spoil the game will be banned.

8: Aggressive Fan boy behaviour will result in a instant ban.

9: Once you are banned it is permanent. No exceptions.

10: This channel has a mature filter for a reason, Leave if you don't like it.

11: Keep your political garbage away, there is enough places on the internet to bitch about that don't bring it here it's boring and depressing.