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Click the pic to see my [Schedule] of when or what TaikiSephy be on LIVE.

It'll be updated every two [weeks] or [month].

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Help Support The Channel!
I'll think about doing one until I get a lot of views and followers on here and Youtube. I'm new at doing this streaming and from seeing others it looks fun to do so for now it's just for fun but...

If you do like to donate to the stream any amount will do can help out to get more games for the stream just click the Sephiroth pic up top to be set to TaikiSephy's Donation page or use the links below.

Other Donation Sites:
[Twitch]( streamlabs.com/taikisephygputv )
[Youtube Donation]( https://streamlabs.com/gamersparadiseforioslivestream/tip )
[Facebook Gaming]( https://streamlabs.com/josephvpagan/tip )
[Mixer]( https://streamlabs.com/xZumoTSxGP/tip )
[Periscope]( https://streamlabs.com/GamersParadiseTV/tip )
Follow Her Rules Below
Respect EVERYONE and KEEP IT CLASSY! That's it, really simple.

NEVER ask why you were timed out. Simply read the chat rules during your timeout and when your timeout ends, continue chatting as if it never happened. It was just ten minutes or more. It ain't no thang.

Do not ask for mod. Read the panels of how to become a mod. TaikiSephy may picks the mods and promotes those who are helpful, mature, and those he can trust who are regularly around/familiar. (If a mod want to pick a mod let me know and I will think about it.)

Please do not spam or type in all caps. NightBot or any Bots maybe lurking and automatically deletes all caps messages without warning and times you out for 10 or more minutes if you break the rule twice in a row.

No links allowed. Only if asked and it's for the games I'm playing or any game, youtube video or song.
[Streamlabs - Affiliates]( https://streamlabs.com/editor?promo=zrnlp-d7e3-10 )
[Kappamon]( https://kappamon.com/?ref=zrnlp )
[Wizebot - Affiliates Link]( https://go.wizebot.tv/r/zrnlp )
[Gamactica]( https://gamactica.com/?mref=taikisephy ) - a social community & marketing platform for streamers, gamers, esports, cosplayers, brands, and content creators
[DLive]( https://dlive.tv?ref=taikisephy )
Please click this link to give me 1% cash back on DLive as a donation, it'll help me out. Thanks.
Add Me on Systems!
Only If you are following, Sub or a VIP to the channel I will take your friend codes, tags or PSN IDs. But below will be mine.

Switch: SW-5858-4373-2205
PSN: xISephyVerseIx
XBOX One: DroppedQuasar98