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Streamer is offline
On incent you get cryptocurrency if you add the code from the livestream when im livestreaming.
Click the image to donate I appreciate your support and thank you for that

If you want to join my discord server go ahead click the image and be nice in there or i will kick you out ok.
Follow the rules or get muted
|1| Dont ask about the chest.
|2| Be nice here dont spread hate in the chat.
|3| No asking for mod.
|4| No trolling.
|5| No self promotion in chat.
|6| No spaming
|7| No inappropriate stuff in chat
One think to know you can talk to Maskybot just type the name @ Masky_bot and talk whit the bot

This are the free commands use them to find out what they do.

!clip - Will make a 1 minute long clip at the point the command is sent
!help - Will show a Link to this help message
!credits - Will show information about the bot creator
!dice - Will roll a random number from 1 - 10
!guess - Guess the bot's random number.
!introduce - Small introduction message
!advice - In need of advice? Try this out!
!chuck - Will send a random chuck norris joke
!points - the bot shows your points
!uptime - Will show the current streamer uptime
!discord - this is gives you a discord link
!pcspecs - Is going to show my pc specs
!rules - the rules is going to show on the chat
!zasterr - This command is to support the streamer only if you watch the link

Paid commands use points and you get points by watching the livestreamer 1 min is 1 point and donating lemons are 1 point each so use the commands for something good.