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*** I am still working on my place so a lot of my time is still going towards that but as soon as that all finished this will be my schedule
>>> Full Stream TImes
>>> Monday - Friday 5pm-10pm
>>> Saturday - Sunday Random time party weekends
Axie streams will be everyday at 12noon battles/breeding/Teaching

For effortless art check out: @ DramaticArtist Also the maker of my logo!!

Roll the DICE >> Every time I roll the dice you can too! "The FIRST person that rolls" if your roll beats mine i add to the chest, I'll add 10x amount i'm beaten by!
***But be careful if you Roll a 6 you owe me an Ice creme !***

>>> I'm in the middle of building a new career and with the love and support of my beautiful girl who is creating her own career as well, has given me the green light to pursue this dream of mine. Lots on my plate but very exciting. With your help I can invest more in to streaming and hopefully bring you better content and better looking streams as we grow our family! Thanks for stopping by and please say hi, I would love to talk with you!

>>> I like to play all genres, my main games are usually Division, Destiny, and a mix of Battle Royal games, if there anything you want to see me play let me know. I love games, I love life, and love meeting new people and sharing ideas.

Wanna refer a friend: use the link below

Wanna collect cute little death balls come play AXIE Infinity with me:
Land Sale>>> https://land.axieinfinity.com/purchase?r=_UG450eelMm5YO-L1VMST5LqYOsQ

Lab Sale>>> https://axieinfinity.com/axie-lab?r=_UG450eelMm5YO-L1VMST5qYOsQ
>>> Take The Krown the idea behind this channel is to help those child souls that have been hidden away within all of us, see the light once again. As kids growing up we are told that we can be anything that we set our minds too, Right!? With time and age we forget this, I want to help rekindle that in all of us. Take The Krown is what it sounds like, standing up and striding to be better and capture the crown of whatever it is you desire. Anything is possible with the support and backing of others that want to achieve bigger and better things together. I want our community to be just that, a community that helps make things better, filled with people who believe they can do better and be better ever single day on their way to achieving greater things. I want to bring many things to our community and with time I hope you all see what I see in all of us everyday! Now Take The Krown, you can achieve anything!
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