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>>> Full Stream TImes
>>> Monday - Friday 5pm-10pm

Check out my YOUtube videos i post knew content weekly. I do all my own edits! If you want some edits done for yourself you can dm me on twitter or dicord!

>>> I like to play all genres, my main games are usually Division, Destiny, Apex, COD and a mix of action adventure games, if there anything you want to see me play let me know. I love games, I love life, and love meeting new people and sharing ideas.

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>>> Take The Krown the idea behind this channel is to help those child souls that have been hidden away within all of us, see the light once again. As kids growing up we are told that we can be anything that we set our minds too, Right!? With time and age we forget this, I want to help rekindle that in all of us. Take The Krown is what it sounds like, standing up and striding to be better and capture the crown of whatever it is you desire. Anything is possible with the support and backing of others that want to achieve bigger and better things together. I want our community to be just that, a community that helps make things better, filled with people who believe they can do better and be better ever single day on their way to achieving greater things. I want to bring many things to our community and with time I hope you all see what I see in all of us everyday! Now Take The Krown, you can achieve anything!
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Donation go towards helping me to grow our channel and reach out and help support other creators. They are not expected but always greatly appreciated! We have big plans for merch! Much love!

Crypto Wallet, for those ahead of the game and alread playing with future money: Eth: 0xfD41B8E7479e94C9b960EF8Bd553124F9A983AC4

How to play?
You spawn by typing anything in the chat,
You fight boss's by also typing in chat, the more you talk the more you damage you do to the boss.
Once you earn enough experience points you level up allowing you to assign points to your player stats, Allowing you to increase your characters base health, strength or dodge rate.

Commands -

!help - Get the URL for info on game
!Commands - Get Commands
!Shop - Get the weblink to our DWarriors Shop to see what gear you can buy!
!Stats - Find information about your character
!Assign <str/agi/con> - Assign Unused Skill Points
!death2stormcloaks - cheat code (wonder what it does)
!Cash - Find out how much cash you have in your account
!Inv - Find out your player inventory
!Equip <id> - Equip an item from your inventory

Feel Squishy against a level 2 boss?
Head on over to the ClockWork Store (!shop) and see whats on offer! lets just hope your strong enough to pick up your brand new sparkly armour or shiny sword! (You use the gold you find in your adventures to buy from the store)
Once you have your Sparkly Armour code, post it in the chat (for example !buy 10) and Boom PURCHASE SUCCESSFUL! that's if you got the GOLD!

How do i equip my new shiny sword?
Check your inventory by typing "!inv" in the chat, it will give you your item ID, and type "!equip <id> to change your loadout, if your warrior is already deployed, it will be equipped in the next fight (when all players are dead and the game is reset or next boss has spawned)

The Following Donation Types apply the Following Bonus's
LEMON - Will get all remaining warriors to attack in sync causing a lot of damage per lemon
ICECREAME - Gives all Warriors Double Damage for 5mins (stackable)
DIAMOND - Gives all Warriors Double Damage for 60mins (stackable) and heals your warrior to max HP
NINJAGHINI - Gives all Warriors Double Damage for 5 Hours (stackable) and Gives All Warriors Fast Attack Buff for 5 hour (players can spam and will not have the 6s wait time to attack (Super Attack Mode)
NINJET - Gives all Warriors Double Damage for 24 Hours (stackable),Gives All Warriors Fast Attack Buff for 24 hour (players can spam and will not have the 6s wait time to attack (Super Attack Mode) and Makes Player Run Speed 10x for 24 hours (allows you to defeat boss's really really REALLY fast)
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