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I mostly write paranormal & horror fiction and also narrate them for my YouTube & BitChute channels. I will soon begin self-publishing them in eBook formats after extending them to their true forms.

100% Viewer-Supported! If you like my content or just want to help me improve, click the pic to go to the place to spoil yourself at the same time. All donations will go back into the channel and the community.

CLICK THE PIC IN THIS COLUMN TO VIEW MY MERCH!! If you don't like my merch designs or if they're out of your budget, here is my PayPal (Yes, it is a personal PayPal under my real name) https://www.paypal.me/EBlakley
I don't see the point in a "Business" paypal since I am self-employed and I self-publish my stories either on YouTube or eBook form or both
Speaking of, here is my YouTube link too
Also here is my BitChute
I have 78 hidden Object games with some pretty cool stories to them, 29 of the Nancy Drew PC games where we solve mysteries and puzzles (25 of which are playable on my current PC), Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4, Sims Medieval and Sims Castaway Stories. Sometimes I might end up streaming art, it depends on my mood and what all is on my plate. That being said, it is always possible to catch spoilers about my stories if my creative gears are cooperating.
1-A. I am a Stay-At-Home Mom, chat & Stickers can NOT go above PG-13!!
1-B. Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated. Let's all try to put some common sense back into the world. We're here to have fun and enjoy some fun chats and games. I run the chat on a "3 Strikes" system: 1st Strike, a warning is issued, 2nd Strike, a timeout is issued and 3rd Strike earns the offender a Mute from the channel.

2. Talking about your content is okay, just do NOT try to get people to leave my streams to go to yours UNTIL & UNLESS I mention a raid toward the end of my streams.

3. Do NOT ask for the chest or donations. We all want Lemons. IF the chat behaves and is active enough, I will TRY to remember to do the chest before I end streams. I'm only human so I may forget about it, but reminding me ONCE TOWARD THE END OF STREAMS is fine. The more y'all get to know each other and myself IN THE CHAT, the more Lemons will add up on their own in the Chest -- that is how it works and I can't always add to it from my own Lemons as I have subs to renew monthly. Please be respectful in regards to the Lemon Chest.