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Rules and Philosophy
Everyone is welcome here! I want you to be who you are and I don't mind opposing views or opinions. I consider this a mature channel and you can expect adult language.

Discourse often leads to enhanced understanding but the focus here should be on gaming, self improvement, and entertainment; If I feel someone is ruining the stream for others they will be removed and sent an explanation. I'm pretty lazy, if I have to step in I likely won't be doing it more than once.

Have fun! We are here to have a good time!

No Politics, Religion, or Social Issues Discussion in our gaming zone. Discussion of game developers decisions and industry related news is fine as long as it doesn't devolve into a discussion focused on these categories.

No personal attacks. Criticism is good. You can attack a bad argument with logic without having to launch insults, so please do that. Highlighting irony or contradictory elements of an argument does not constitute an insult though it can be entertaining. Honest discussion and arguments leads to a better understanding for all.

Report any perceived harassment or rules violations to a Mod and avoid interacting with the situation further. Harassment is defined as "Continuing to take unnecessary actions towards an individual or group that has requested that you cease." Mods will take actions based on their judgment of the situation.
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