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No racist, homophobic, or otherwise socially derogatory words.

Opinions are welcome, please be respectful of them. Lets keep religion/politics and PCvsXboxvsPlaystation out of the chat or discussed respectfully :)

No spoilers. Spoilers indicate information that would give away parts or all of a story plot, outcome of an achievement, or otherwise information that is different from tips regarding game mechanics. Providing tips and suggestions purely about game mechanics without revealing the outcome or plot of a game (often referred to as 'backseatgaming') is fine though.

We try to keep the stream language "clean" and SFW. SFW (Safe For Work) basically means no F-bombs, racial slurs, homophobic slurs or insanely gruesome/grotesque terminology. SFW basically means act like you're talking to a co-worker around the water cooler in a polite workplace.