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Steve is an English teacher & crypto gamer.

⏰ Streaming Schedule:
Beijing times (China = GMT+6) ⏰

Mon - Thurs = 8 pm to 10 pm
Sat - Sun = 3 pm to 9 pm
join my Discord to play https://discord.gg/4YMxmjN 😎

and various other times
(all Beijing times are approximate)
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Steve is not a financial adviser or time traveller and doesn't have a crystal ball, but thinks blockchain technology is going to change the world.

Never invest more in cryptocurrency than you're prepared to lose! Play it like the lottery.

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All cryptocurrency 'event prizes' are paid on condition that winners join https://discord.gg/4YMxmjN - all other claims are invalid and non-transferable.
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Lunacia is under attack! It’s up to you and your Axies to help the Princess fight off creatures called Chimera while rebuilding and strengthening the Kingdom.

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