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Intro & Welcome:

Hi everyone, welcome to my new Dlive channel. 👨‍ I really hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy the variety of my streams. I'm nearly 60 years old and started streaming as a hobby, which has now turned into an addiction 🤣. To let you know, I'm in the process of overcoming social anxiety disorder (S.A.D.), which I've had all my life and nothing else I've tried has helped hence turning to streaming where I've met other people with similar circumstances to my own. Since streaming I have met so many people each to their own, all with amazing stories and backgrounds and situations for being here. I'm so glad I made the decision!

There may be times when I go quiet without a mic, then other days I may just not stop talking. So please bare with me. If I'm experiencing an anxious day or period then I will always reply to you in chat. I'll apologise to you now as I don't know what each day brings but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Gaming: I have dabbled with a lot of games but not great at any 🤣 from FPS to RPG such as Destiny 2, Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, Diablo 3, Shadows Awakening. I have never played a MOBA but am currently looking at those now and have started one or two to see, which one I prefer.

My gaming experience will probably come under the category of Beginner Player, Early Access, Back-Seat Gaming Allowed and Blind Play-Through I guess. So when you come to watch, you'll now know why I'm not that good but we'll have a laugh. I'll be looking for your constructive comments in chat while I play and to help me along when I get stuck.😊
Learning To Draw
I've watched no-end of drawing streams and everytime I logoff I wished that I could do that. I can't draw for toffee. If you say that someone cannot do something for toffee, you mean that they are extremely bad at it. So I bought myself a digital drawing tablet to get me started. I'm using the Huion H610Pro with Medibang Paint Pro software. I've never touched this gear before so all this is totally new to me. Let's have some fun learning. Thanks for your support.
**Channel Rules:**
Please abide by the following...
1. 👌🏼 Respect all users and caster
2. 👽 DO NOT show any hate, alienate or show any toxicity
3. 📜 Listen to my MODs please, if they say to stop they mean STOP.
4. 👩🏻‍⚖️ Please act mature whilst visiting my stream
5. 📝 Please refrain from asking to open the chest. It will be opened when the time is right
6. 💟 Love thy neighbouring channel
If you'd like to donate to my channel, then yeah, I'm not going to stop you 👌🏼😄 and my heart goes out to you **AND** I'll never forget you for helping me with my new found hobby.

Ways to support the stream:
💟 Donating Lino points by way of Lemons, Ice Cream, Diamonds, Ninjaghini or even a NinJet as seen above.
💟 Donation here:

Do please remember any such donation(s) are non refundable and let me thank you in advance for considering a donation of no matter how big or small. Thank you! 💜
At this present moment I don't have a set routined schedule. I suppose that will come with how popular my channel becomes. So as of now please follow and click to be notified for when I do go live. Thanks.

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