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Heyya! My name is Mykaela but people call me Glitter! I have a pretty blunt and lewd personality so if that offends you I'M SORRY but yah know *shrug*

I'm socially awkward so I enjoy my days snuggled to my cat inside watching netflix over "long walks on the beach."

I'm the snack that smiles back ;)

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It is NEVER asked for, BUT if you would like to help out with donations you can do so by dropping those sweet lemons or donating strait to my paypal at Tearsofglitter@gmail.com !

Donations help me survive (literally) as well as grow as a streamer and an artist!

I LOVE to make people smile and have a good time with my followers. I truly care about my family on here so if you have come to troll please leave. I will NEVER accept bullying or insults to my loves (followers). If you wish to follow and hang with us I would LOVE to have you be part of the family!


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I JUST made a YouTube channel with good ol 2000's game editing from my live streams. If you like that content feel free to check it out!
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DISCORD!! - https://discord.gg/SxtsRD5