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Hi! My name is Tha Clynch, but that's just my Kool Katz name.
You can call me "Cam" or "Hey You!" or "Joey Joe-Joe Shabbadoo" or whatever really, as long as you're having fun!
I've been entertaining crowds since I was in High School ("A'fore meny yoo yung'uns wer e'en born!) then in bands, in pro wrestling, through podcasts, stand up comedy, emceeing events, amateur theatre... you name it, I was there, making a half assed deal of it!

I have also loved playing video games. I got my first console (the Nintendo Entertainment System, or "NES" for all you gaming insiders) back during it's initial US launch (Yes I was born in California and for that, I cannot apologize enough) in late 1985.
Then I moved to Australia a couple of years later and got the NES AGAIN in mid 1987.
So yes, I have lived through two, count 'em, TWO launches of the Original NES.
Not too shabby eh?......
I mean if you're not impressed by now, then you may as well stop reading and move on with your empty life where nothing could possibility impress you ever.

But when I caught wind that DLive had both a gaming AND entertainment element = Tiny Smooth Mind Blown!

I would love to one day become a full time streamer, but for now, I'm more than happy to meet awesome folks all over the world and get a chance to entertain you... at least somewhat.

My morning stream at the moment is called "Kids On Coffee" where we'll talk about video game news, reviews, comings and goings of everything things and such and so forth, maybe play some games, some songs and then we'll do it all again the next day.

Each KOC is lightly themed for your viewing pleasure (And an attempt to make sure things don't become dull very quickly!)

- Monday Motivation! To help you kick off your working week!
- YOUsday! All about YOU, the viewer.
- What I'm diggin' Wednesday. Recommendations and cool things I'd like to recommend to my audience.
- Thirsty Thursday! I'll test food and drinks on stream and rate them accordingly.
- Freeballin' Friday! Fun! Frivolity! Finasteride! Fiduciary Responsibility! All this as so, so much less on the silliness scale to break your working week.

At the moment I love playing:
Cowardly Fortnite - It's my unique play style of Fortnite with my proprietary blend of hiding in bushes, fleeing from any sort of conflict and giggling my backside off.
Stardew Valley - Chill hangs bro....
Death Road To Canada
Super Mario Odyssey (I know it's a bit old, but I only just got a Switch)
Bloodborne (I know this is even OLDER, but I'm late to the Souls party and therefore super lame)
Demon's Crest (Rad SNES game available on the SNES Store Thingy on Switch)

Anyways, that about does it methinks.
I love to hear from you guys so the best way to get in touch it either by email or via Twitter

See you soon! ^_^
O worshippers of the mighty ALL
You had a dream...
The Bass Master General came to you.... you guys had a little snack at a donut shop

He said
"Drink of my Bonus Cup, it is my blood"
"Eat of this Fat Burger, it is my body"
and his spirit entered YOU and YOU became ALLULAR!
the Bass Master said "You are the chosen one"

"These are the Channel Rules!"

- Thou shalt not commit snide, hateful, rude or jerk-like comments.

- Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's flexes.

- Thou shalt not cause/perpetuate drama.

- Thou shalt always go for greatness!

- Thou shalt not commit adulthood.

- Thou shalt not partake of decaf.

- Thou shalt not suppress flatulence.

- Thou shalt not commit acts of bigotry or anything of a threatening nature.

- Thou shalt not have no idea.

- Thou shalt not partake of SPAM.

- Thou shalt ALWAYS try to keep it SFW.

- Thou shalt not allow anything to deter you in your quest for ALL!

Any questions in your endless quest for ALL, please contact ME ( ) direct and I'll be more than happy to help.

Let's have some fun ok? ^_^
Where I Tweet silly things and chat with people I meet on Twitch.
Most of my Twitch updates will be done here.
Will read/respond DMs if you follow me on Twitch.
Will probably read/respond DMs anyways.
Every Thursday on Kids On Coffee is Thirsty Thursday where I test/rate/endure foods and drinks on stream.

If you would like to send me something to eat or drink on stream, feel free to send it the following address.

Tha Clynch
PO Box 386
Joondalup DC
WA 6919

Note: Receiving items will not guarantee their consumption on stream.
Only items of a edible/drinkable nature will be considered for consumption.
If you like what I do and would like to support me with your hard earned cash (ill-gotten gains are also accepted) then any money tipped not only will be greatly appreciated, but also used to make this channel bigger and better!
I would like to look into custom emotes, sub badges, official soundtracks, e-books, you name it!
I will also look to write to/give shout out to/let everyone know about your generosity on my streams.
Nothing kills me/pisses me off more than big streamers who get tipped money during their streams and don't even bat an eyelid.
Anyways, even if you never donate, just your support means a lot to me ^_^

If you are of the Crypto persuasion and would like to donate that way, that's totally cool too!
Here are my addresses, but please drop me to line to let me know you've donated so I can say thanks!

Yes I DO have a Patreon!

This is where I will post life updates, things I am working on, funny videos and other silly things in my strange little life for the amusement of my very best/loyal audience members.

All tiers will get access to the subs only Discord plus they will be in the draw for regular giveaways I am planning soon after I hit new sub goals.