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☼ Welcome to Thaelon’s Playground! ☼

Just freshly started in here with hopes to give some more content to strategy fans out there ?, suggestion, tips or any kind of help is welcomed to allow me to improve this channel everyday, so hop on board and lets see what happens.


- Total War Games – Mostly Warhammer 2 (on Legendary difficulty)
- Paradox Titles (Hearts of Iron 4 – Europa Universalis 4 – Crusader Kings 2 – Stellaris) (Coming soon)
- Strategy games in general

(More games will be added in the future)


Respect other viewers & mods, no need to respect me, I'm immune.
No Spamming, unless it’s a Lino waterfall ?
No impersonating mods or other viewers, why would you?, being yourself is awesome and unique ?
No Foul language, unless its to explain to me why I lost that last game…
Don’t post links, don’t waste a copy/paste, my viewers are SMART, they would never click on it…
Common sense, I mean, you are here so that makes you a quality person already ?
Languages: English.

SCHEDULE: (just started streaming, the schedule will be filled out in the following days).
- Monday: (Coming soon)
- Tuesday: (Coming soon)
- Wednesday: (Coming soon)
- Thursday: (Coming soon)
- Friday: (Coming soon)
- Saturday: (Coming soon)
- Sunday: (Coming soon)