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Only if you want too. Don't feel like you have to, as it will not gain you any special favors. Just a heart felt thank you :)
- 40+ Years Old
- A bit of an idiot
- Opinionated
- Hates confrontation
- Sings along with songs really loudly
- Plays games to pass time and socialize
- Drinks far too many energy drinks
- Vapes too much
- Never gets enough sleep
- Turns into a giggle box after midnight
- Likes crashing into things
- Loves OpenSource
- Hates Cucumber on burgers
Discord -

Only there for fun.
- It's a Box
- It has stuff inside it
- I think it's got some switches on the front
- Hard drives. They do things.
- I have Steam, do I list that?
- I know how to use a mouse
- Keyboards are the clicky things, right?
- I do the Interwebs
- Who's this Lag person, and why is he so slow...
- Radio runs 24/7
- Live Stream whenever I can get it working!
- The station is streamed online
- We're also broadcasting on 107FM locally

More information can be found here:
I have a wish list... Don't buy anything. It's too expensive. I'll die hungry and alone.
Yeah, that's right. I partnered with Humble Bundle. If you're a bit of a game hoarder; like a few Indie titles, or just want a grab bag of games to play, then this is the way to do it. Cheap, excellent quality options. And hey, I get a small portion of the sale, so win win!