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About Me
I am a young streamer just trying to play his game and have some fun. I love to talk to chat as much as I can although I can get pretty engrossed in my game, so may miss the comments sometimes. I have 3 wonderful children and would love to spend more time at home with them rather than working all the time. My only chill out time is when everything is done and the children are asleep and I want to share that time with you all.
I am a proud member of a group on discord called Dysmorphia Gaming. The group is inclusive of all sorts of player from all walks of life and is just generally the most friendly place to be. If you would like to see for yourself then please click the image and see for yourself.
I am on social media but will be soon creating some new ones to make sure everything is all up to date for you guys. Stay tuned for the links below.
I will always try to stream as often as I can, however, between parenting and work I can not always find the appropriate timing. If you want to catch the stream I would recommend just checking back regularly to see if I am here.
There are no real rules in this stream just have fun and be mindful of other peoples feelings when commenting anything.
What job do you do?
- I am a Trackman on the railway.
Where are you from?
- I am from the UK
How do you balance gaming, working and family time all at once?
- It is not easy to balance. My job means I have to travel across the UK to work so I spend a lot of time away from home. When I am home I like to spend the time with my family until everything is done and the children are all in bed and then I play my games.
Will you ever stream regularly?
- I would love to stream regularly. It would be awesome to be able to treat my hobby as a job and spend more time at home with the family. However, as a parent I have to make sure I have enough food in the house for everyone to eat so I can't quit my job without a good reason.