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Are you ready to get rubbed??? Well then you came to the right place.

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TheBodyRubber was started in 2001 while I was in massage school. The class was going over names we can legally call ourselves and this was when TheBodyRubber name was started. I was told technically I can call myself a body rubber but probably shouldn't. Well over 15 years later and bam here I am still using it.

I am by no means a pro gamer but I am a gamer that loves to play. My best friends where formed around gaming. No matter how good or not so good you are you can have fun and form relationships.

I am a lucky Father of my beautiful daughter, a fortunate husband to the best wife one could ask for, and a friend of the best people you could ever know.

Streaming is just a fun thing to expand upon my gaming experience. I love meeting new people that enjoy the same things as me. I wan't to build a community of diverse people that just like to play. I may expand the stream to more than just games.

I enjoy debate but if you get butt hurt if someone disagrees with you then maybe you shouldn't bring up "taboo" subjects. I will not tolerate your classic "hate" speech. If you revert to racism, bashing based on sexual preference/identity, or the likes it may be an immediate ban from my channel. Just show a bit of respect and we will get along just fine.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy yourself this beautiful day!!!
Now lets get rubbed....