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H.E.R.O Campaign for Suicide Prevention and Awareness!
Help Everyone, Reach Out, you can be a hero everyday by just being there for friends and loved ones. Mental health is a subject rarely talked about and one that deserves our attention. I want and try to give all I can to battling the stigma that surrounds it and help anyone I can that may need it. I implore all my viewers to do the same and pay it forward. This stream is a safe area for anyone coming to unwind or wishes to find a place to unload mental baggage. It's alright to not be alright folks and that is perfectly acceptable.

**Also various merch is available here and all proceeds will benefit the tilitfy!
About The Streamer
Welcome to my page!
I am happy to have you stop in! I'm the Brass Kicker, avid gamer and firearm enthusiast. I aim to bridge the gap between (lawful) gun owners and gamers. I have always felt a disconnect between the two communities and I wish to help that overall. I currently shoot IDPA with my local pistol club. Though I am not as good as some of them, I am learning and improving. I attempt to livestream most matches and my practices.

I also am a happy father with a very loved family, they support me in streaming and for that I am so grateful. I have two rambunctious sons and a sweet daughter, Mrs. Brass keeps us all in line. I work full time in the food safety, and have for the past 10 years and have made a solid career out of it. Feeding the nation safe food is a time consuming job and between my family, hobbies, and work a streaming schedule is impossible at the moment but I stream at least weekly up to two times at the least.

Along with being an avid supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, I also am a advocate for mental health and suicide prevention and awareness as I lost my father in 2011 to suicide. I have a link just to the left of this panel you can click to send donations to and I much rather you donate there, rather than tip me. Also I am a strong supporter of of Walk The Talk America and they have wonderful resources including a free and anonymous mental health screening.

Take a free and anonymous mental health screening
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