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Hello world! This is going to be my live streaming channel.. I am the owner of The Canadian Frost brand aka Frostyknight. I am libertarian leaning towards classical liberal although I debate this as some say I lean towards more anarco capitalist. I will be using this more for comments and viewing. Just a friendly reminder "Police are armed gangs, Politicians are criminals, War is murder and taxation is theft.".

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This is what my intent is behind the channel . Live stream news from other creators , Opinion and commentary, Music , Open debate if you want and most of all seeking truth in this the world of darkness with the hopes that "As the frost blows in your hearts . The light shall shine once again . Be not afraid!".

1- I ask that in these troubling times that we show some decency and not preach unreasonable fear. The MSM is evil lets just be honest . Facts matter!

2- Overly disruptive trolls will be muzzled or muted. Its disrespectful to me and more so the chat as it takes away their voice to speak their minds openly so do not be a evil troll hiding under a bridge attacking my peoples .

3- The only time that a user deserves to be blocked is via doxing, meaningful threats of violence and violating others right to privacy . Meaning don t give out others info unless you have permission from that person or if they complain to me about it and email me proof of this i will block them after following up with that person.

Other then that enjoy the show . Everything is unscripted and in the moment so who knows where this will go .
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If you want to support me or this channel note I am not doing this for money but if you feel like it then this is how you can do it .


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