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Hi, I'm David. Welcome to the Chill Room. This is a space where we can all learn to play hardcore, competitive, and just downright weird games together, but we won't ever take it too seriously. We're here to chill. It's in the name.

We have some ground rules here. Let's go over them real quick.

1. Follow the golden rule of comedy: Don't make a joke at someone else's expense unless they're in on it, and if someone asks you to stop, stop.
2. Respect the Mods and Streamer and any requests they make.
3. Keep chat classy.
4. My name is David. Please use it.
5. If someone in chat is harassing you or is making you uncomfortable, and you don't feel comfortable saying so in chat, you can DM an active mod or the streamer on Discord. This is less of a rule and more of a helpful hint.
6. Remember that we're all here to learn, but if I need help, I'll ask. Don't worry, I ask a lot of questions.
7. Ask a mod or the streamer before you post any links to the chat.
8. Please refrain from any self-promotion.
9. Mutes are at the streamer and mods' discretion. Do not argue with them.
10. Leave your drama at the door. You don't need it here.
11. The Chill Room is a welcoming, supportive community full of friendly people, but we are not your therapist.
12. Do not flirt with the streamer. It's really uncomfortable and I don't want it.

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