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About Me 🦊
I'm TheFaxFox, a 36 year old Canadian whose current fox den is located in Toronto, Ontario.

I've dreamed of having a career playing video games since I first picked up an Atari joypad to play Frogger. Now, thanks to Twitch, I finally have a chance of making that dream a reality!

Six Things I Love 😍
Going Down The Rabbit Hole
Hitting Bongs

My Background 💼
I'm currently running my own marketing agency as my full time job, which keeps me pretty busy.

My focus is digital marketing from organic services like website optimization for ranking on Google, to paid services. I enjoy the challenge of trying to get client's product in front of more eyes than their competitors. Since technologies are constantly updating and changing, there's always something new to learn.

My Passion 👨‍💻
With my spare time I create content for Twitch, Youtube, Twitter & Instagram and my personal website: .

My aspiration is to turn the focus of my marketing agency over to content creation full time by next year.

Twitch Live Stream 🤝
When I'm streaming you get the real unfiltered me on the screen...I just turn off the filter that makes a normal person think before speaking.

So if you want to hang out with a high energy, talkative variety streamer - knock out that follow button!