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Hey guys my name is Aaron but u can call me GK or God Keshin.

Ive been streaming for almost a year now and have built up a decent following on Facebook here is a link to my Facebook page where u cansee updates on anything i have going on!

Also along with my Facebook page we have a community page where u can share clips, art, and montages. The 2 rules are to follow Facebook
community standards and do not post any live streams to the page other than that of #GKArmy stream team members.

Also i do have merch for sale, its floating in the top left of my stream if u see anything u think u would like to have let me know or u could shoot me a DM on my Facebook page . We have a few things!
God Keshin, TryhardCC, Snoman43 Wristbands with Rivals in the process.
GK Army Hats
GK Army Shirts
GK Army Jerseys(basketball style)
There are pictures of these all over my Facebook page!

Also please follow my stream team members: : u can look these guys up on Dlive as well swing by their Facebook pages to
drop a like and a follow. All the support is greatly appreciated.

If u ever want to do a cash donation i have a streamlabs link with a funny notification im sure u will laugh when u hear it!

Ninjaghini Hall of Fame: People that have caused me to die from the sound of my Ninjaghini notification.
1. TheElChapoJrTX
2. EpicMerchOC (x2)
3. iTzShAdOw
4. Dopeassfreshprince

Rules for my channel
1. No Racism
2. No Flaming of people in the chat, unless u know them and they know u are joking. ill be the judge of that.
3. No Spamming, its not constructive and it doesn't do anything for the chat. Ill give u a warning then ill mute.
4. No threats of stream sniping, while it is funny sometimes ill allow it a bit, don't test it too much.
5. Just be a decent human, simple.
6. Trolling is allowed but please be good at it, I love a good troll that makes me laugh.
7. English in chat only please. It keeps chat flowing easily!
8. No slurs. Do not use the term "gay" or anything like that to be something derogatory.

I have sub games and follower games i do they are on Tuesday nights but sometimes may vary a little but mainly Tuesday night from 8pm to 12am central.
The game rotate every week. One weeks its sub games the next week is follower games. Plus we have weekly customs on Friday nights. u can hit up my buddy
for more information.
As for now i only have subs on Facebook so that is what we are using for the sub game, once i get subs on dlive we will transition over here for the sub games!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my page, and i hope ill see u guys in the GK Army!