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I'm One-trick Lissandra main in League of Legends.. I play other games on my channel but for now i'm only interested in playing League.

Stream Schedule
I try to stream everyday, however sometimes i won't stream for a whole week then i'm back the next following week.

MON-SUN 2pm to 2am. (UK TIME)

For business Inquiries contact:
- CPU: Intel i7 4790K
- RAM: 32 GB RAM
- GPU: RTX 2080 FE
- OS: WINDOWS 10 Professional
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Donating is completely optional but whatever amount is still greatly appreciated. For me to continue entertaining you by streaming, donations help keep this channel up and running. NOTE: If you choose to donate it's non-refundable.
Q: What Mastery? Mastery Points?

A: Look when i'm loading in game

Q: Why do you only play one champion?

A: I don't like any other champion

Q: Why disappear days at a time from League of Legends and Streaming?

A: Anxiety

Q: No Cam or Mic?

A: Anxiety.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I am from The Cayman Islands, i live in
England now.

Q: How long have you been playing League
of Legends?

A: Since February 2016.