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“Narrow is the way and strait is the gate which leads to life everlasting and few therebe that enter therein.” (Jesus)


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Hi, I'm Jannik and am from Germany, and I feel extremely unqualified to share this stuff with you, but it just feels to be the right thing so I do it anyway.

Please hold on to something, or even better, sit down! Because the kind of information I'm going to talk about comes from no one less than ...

... * drumroll * ...

... there is still time to close the stream...

... *rollroll * ...

... ok, you wanted it that way ...

... *fanfare* ...


... *chirrchirrchirr* ...

... reincarnated as Allan John Miller ...

... who lives in Queensland, Australia ...

... together with his soulmate Mary (Mary Magdalene) ...

... who also reincarnated ...



Sounds quite weird, right? I thought so too first! I roughly had this opinion:

"A guy who pretends to be Jesus and makes YouTube videos? Yeah sure...".

It took me about half a year until I had the first time viewed a full-length video of him. And to be honest it actually blew my mind out of my head (in a positive way) and so I decided to try out the things he addressed for myself. And lo and behold? It happened exactly what he had talked about ...

(I would like to write more of my personal experiences here, but unfortunately it is only allowed to write 5000 characters.)


All the teachings of Jesus & Mary are titled "Divine Truth”. However, according to Jesus, this information is not complete and will continue to be refined in the future.

I myself am only a student of these teachings, and therefore I would like to make it clear that everything I am saying and writing here is based on my current knowledge and may change in the future.

While I've had some experiences myself, most of it is based on trust and belief in the information that Jesus & Mary share with us.

It is not a blind faith though, because I would have to undo everything that I have experienced in connection with Divine Truth.

I want to point out, that these experiences have only reinforced my belief that I already had from the beginning and was present way before my discovery of Divine Truth.

In my opinion it is also quite normal to give further attention and faith or trust to a source, if so far only experiences have been made that confirm the truth of this source.

I carry some responsibility in spreading this information of Divine Truth. Therefore, I would like to reiterate that although I try to the best of my knowledge and belief, underpinned by my own experiences, to pass them on to the viewer or reader as unadulterated as possible, but I cannot guarantee their accuracy. At this point I refer to the originators of this information Jesus & Mary. All their links are at the top of this page.

One last thing: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating!" That's why I invite everyone who can relate to this kind of information, to experiment with it to make their own decision whether it might be true or not. It's absolutely worth it (in my opinion)! :)