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You're not as smooth as you think, I know who you are there is no fooling. I see you wolves in sheep's clothing, I'm on to your trolling it's looking like the story is unfolding, misrepresenting innocence, Bearing false witness like the scribes who called to crucify Christ, can't you see the blood on your hands you selfless unrighteous man? But I will continue in this stride because this deed has no power over me, indeed no weapon formed against me will prosper cause the hand of Yahuwah is over me. Yeah it's been proclaimed, here and now I take my stand, look evil in the eye say depart from me you wicked man. Yeah your not as smooth as you think you are, I am on to your trolling your no longer fooling, I see through the glass clearly but you refuse to see and look through the glass darkly and like the blind you wander aimlessly cause you chose not to see, depart from you man of sin you have no power over me. By: Northern Light
Come find Northern Light News Network on Discord @ we are are new on Discord but will be posting daily news headlines and links. Also we will be having news clips for those who may of missed the news and videos of other content as well this is still in the works but will be starting soon to post.
THE 2 WITNESSES PART 1&2 and other Vids
It's hard seeing so many eyes being deceived, a trust in man that was commanded that we should not. We can not serve two masters less we love the one more than the other. The oaks which you cherish you will soon be ashamed of. Man from the beginning of time is known to sin and fall there is non righteous don't you remember reading this? Trump is the final nail in the coffin to the unrepentant wicked. A man who says he needs not ask forgiveness it is all in the open the evil intent of a wicked man of sin. Open your eyes and stop looking through the glass darkly I plea that you awaken the time draws near judgement on the wicked, oh sleeper hear this call of a prophets warning. I am sounding the alarm it is time to draw near to Christ our redeemer and drop the traditions of man. The scribes have written fables and lies given by familiar spirits just like them calling to crucify Christ they had hardened hearts. Break down that barrier of ego and pride and ponder the words you read now I tell you time is short dont be deceived by what these evil men of sin proclaim as safe, you really want a witches brew to flow through your blood of life and a chip TO BUY AND SELL under the guise of peace and safety of a virus that evil men made? Take it not less you be one Christ says I knew you not depart from me. TAKE HEED THIS WARNING DONT TAKE IT LIGHTLY seek what is said don't just be passive it is how we learn and grow. Revelation and the mark to buy and sell it is hear the time of Christs return draws near.
THIS IS A 100% free speech channel. All opinions and ideas are welcome here without bias. However please no trolling, swearing, bullying, sexual references, blasphemy against our Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Follow the dlive TOS(terms of service) and the guidelines and just Have a peaceful chat.
I've never seen so many swift to judge what is not known. Casting blame on one without proof of any form of ill intent, sound a bit familiar? Yeah the scribes did the very same to Christ our redeemer accusing Him of blasphemy while yet blaspheming being the hypocrites they were and are. You think there is anything new under the sun? Nay , What was done will be done again and in time those who have casted blame falsely will be judged, Don't get me wrong I completely forgive you know who you are you have some repenting to do for the false claims against me. TNS and it's fake mods who break the rules but yet a good mod comes such as me to enforce the rules yet evil is conspired against me because the evil is rampant in their hearts to continue to be evil. Yeah even those who have the back of the wicked are just as guilty of the ones who set the trap. Peace out you EVIL CREW of evil deeds your time is short . there are only 2 options heaven or hell, which one will it be is on you to make the right choice.