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My gaming life began the same way as many children of the 80s, with Pong, and later with Nintendo. (Metroid is my favorite game of all time.) Due to my extreme early geekdom , I also got into PC gaming at an early age. Like most children of the 80s, it was all about , it was all about hanging out in arcade.
With the age of CD-ROMs of course the first game I got was Doom. I enjoyed the 90s immensely for the popularity of First Person Shooters and RPG
Monday to Thursday: Start 7pm eastern USA
Saturday to Sunday: varies
☼ DO NOT type in all CAPS. I'm unlikely to read it if you do and it is likely to get purged.
☼ DO NOT post links, self promote. The only exception is from the caster. This saves us having to check the links aren't anything not allowed.
☼ DO NOT be rude, vulgar, racist, bully, sexist or anything of the sort in chat.
☼ DO NOT argue with the mods, including the bots (Nightbot and others) as they know the channels rules, or are set up by MYSELF. They are doing what I have asked of them. If you find a mod to have unfairly done something, send me a message on twitch, do not argue with them in the chat.
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Where you can find when I'm streaming. And update if I am not. And other random thoughts of the day I may have. Or you can talk to me there. if have any question to hit me on Twitter.