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Hi! I'm SkinnyPanda I love to play games (don't we all XD ) a lot and playing games helped me to become what I am today :) (Game Dev) and I am here to share to you guys my time playing various games :3


1. Come on Just be nice :)
2. No Racism, Politics, Bullying etc.
3. Don't Spam :3
4. Enjoy the Stream! <3

Thank you Everyone!

Mostly I am planning to stream games here during weekends.

Expected Stream times

-05:00 PM GMT+8 (If I finished my house chores early this will be the expected time :3 )
-09:00 PM GMT+8 (Kinda late but this means I did a lot of house chores LMAO)

welcome to my majestic RIG :3

CPU: intel core i3-7100
RAM: HyperX Fury 8GB
Mobo: Gigabyte H110M-H
HDD: WD 1TB hard drive
GPU: GTX 1050 2GB
Mouse: A4 tech ps/2
Keyboard: A4 tech ps/2
Mic: BM-800 condenser mic
Headset: RedDragon Scylla

kinda mid range, hoping to improve this in the future :)
I also Stream on Facebook page sometimes, I post game news, memes? XD etc. you might wanna check it out :3

hehe iz a smol channel I upload Game Videos/Unboxing Videos there! I'll try to upload my stream highlights there too! <3
optional :3 but HEY! thank you for tip if you dropped some :3 it will really help to improve this channel :)