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About Me
Ahoy fellow dlive streamers and watchers; no need to fear Underdog is here! I guess I'm what they call a variety streamer. I am very open on things I like.
Don't be afraid to say hello or talk about anything. I am pro free speech and won't really get offended. But try to keep the language to something that doesn't get me banned. But trust me dark humor is funny in my books.

Important note, I do not do this for money or subs. I just have a passion for streaming vidya games.
Games played on Sream
Games can range from
- HOI4
- Age of Mythology
- Age of Empires
- Borderlands series
- Poker Night
- RollerCoaster Tycoon (original 3)
- Civ (mostly 4-5)
- Sonic Adventure 2
- Assassin's Creed series
- And any Game I can buy on steam (you could recommend games)
*trying to get an elgato to stream console games
Video Watch Nights
On occasion we will watch or browse the web for videos or just watch stuff on yt.
Rules on Drawing Give Aways
I am trying to figure the whole lemon thing out but I have no problem giving away chest lemons. As for give a ways, I will be doing a free drawing give away (your art will take a week *to fit in le schedule* but you will like it I promise :D) probably will be a follower only for the drawing give away.
But I will decide if I can do multi winners instead of just one. But more info on the drawing give away will be posted soon.
Rules of le Stream
I guess just don't type anything that could get me banned. But I can respect you for having your own opinions.
PC Setup
A old ASUS laptop and a Logitech mouse. lol and the use of xsplit. Slav gear