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Hey there! Welcome to the Channel!

I'm the The Psionic Woodsman, your local unhinged Forest Dweller, and I read history, philosophy and old religious texts, as well as play military, survival and strategy games!
Chat Rules:

1) Watch the gamer words.

2) No Fedposting. I know how you feel, but take it elsewhere.

3) If you're gonna argue, do so politely.
(Will be updated as more questions are frequently asked.)

Q: What the hell kind of accent is that?
A: I grew up living all over the South, so it's sort-of all of them blended together.

Wisdom Wednesdays! Wednesdays at 6pm- Philosophical and Historical Reading
May Wednesdays bring the wisdom of the ages! Tune in each week for a reading and discussion of historical and philosophical texts!

We are currently reading:
The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius (Penguin Classics)