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We will stream when the real world doesn't keep us too busy BUT when we are online it promises to be EPIC!
ZiffDiffie started playing games at a very young age, his first games were played on platforms such as commodore 64, one of the first Nintendos to come out, Sega Megadrive and many MANY more :) He plays almost any game that you can think of on any platform because he loves pretty much any game he can get his hands on.

Kez started playing games at roughly the age of 8 starting with educational games further progressing into games like Kings Quest, Curse of Monkey Island & Earthworm Jim to name a few. The only games that she won't play are certain platform and puzzle games because she doesn't have the patience for them :) :)

Together we created The SA Geeks a year ago to share our love of gaming & geek culture with South Africa as well as the world - you can catch us playing almost all games we can get our hands on, as well as keep you up to date with our other adventures on our social media platforms :)

Our motto that we like to stick to is KEEP IT GEEKY!!
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