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Thinking Deeply - Allen Bearhart
Husband to one wife.
Father to five children.

Veteran of foreign 'small hat' wars.
One seeking truth, honesty, and real people.
What are we watching?
Frog Policy 01.1
Sticker use on my channel is permitted with few exceptions. The following types of stickers and language will be Banned for Life and if profane will be deleted from the chat as well:

Profane Gestures (sexual in nature)
Profanity (this is not an X+ channel)
Plague Creatures:
- Frogs
- Locusts
- etc.
Lemon Policy 01.1
As on my DLive channel I am often streaming content from sources apart from myself, I am keeping a tally of the contributions from you awesome people so that the gifts can be passed on to the creators themselves. I will be retaining 0% of the contribution unless the lemons are given while I am creating the content.

Thank you always for the Lemons, your gifts are always welcome and passed on.
A message to fellow people on here.
I realize the unlikly event that anyone will read this, but on the off chance you are here, Thank you for your time.

Topics that I am retiring and the positions currently held on them:
1. Evolution is a lie started to keep Moses out of historical geology.
2. The moon missions were most likely a CIA operation intended to convince the world of the US space supremacy, but never left earth.
3. The earth is not flat. People who think the earth is flat have been deceived; and those who retain a view of flat earth either:
a. don't know how big the earth is
b. don't know how to use a graphing calculator to determine view limits of objects on a globe.
c. havn't looked into it beyond FE streams and videos.
d. possess a religious level opposition to anything that might disrupt their point of view.
4. Pending.