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We are a pro-active community who wish to revive our historical traditions, culture and crafts. We are working together to defend the freedom to choose our own path and allow us to have happy, healthy families which can thrive within a safe and morally upstanding society.

We do not endorse and will not affiliate with any political or religious organisation, however anyone wanting to promote or support what we are building is welcome in our community.

We are seeking to free ourselves from the WEF/UN agenda through individual empowerment with people who share our values and creating a network of local communities and small businesses, which will aim to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Streaming Schedule
Tuesday (Podcast)
Series covering shadowy government departments and their manipulations. This will be premiered at 7.30pm GMT exclusively on YouTube. Replay will be available on both Youtube and Odysee.
Wednesday (Live Stream)
WRT Ward Meeting at 7.30pm GMT: Announcements and updates about our community and the solutions we can implement to provide security for ourselves and each other.

Thursday (Live stream - fortnightly)
This is why we Dig at 7.30pm GMT: With hosts Andrew and Jonathan answering your gardening questions.

Friday (Podcast)
"Let's talk about..." : With Jo and Jordan discussing relevant news and articles also premiered at 7.30pm GMT.

Saturday (Live Stream)
WRT Ward Social at 7.30pm: Light hearted chat with our amazing community.

If want to contribute, please help by being a productive, inspiring and helpful member of your community, wherever it may be. If you'd like to join our community, we provide links to our discord server during the live streams.

We are not currently asking for or accepting donations because our goal is to build people up, rather than take from them. Too many people value you for what you can give them, that must end.

Instead, you can all contribute and help each other prosper by investing in yourselves, your own business, family, home or other space you feel is important.