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I plan this to be a bilingual channel mainly for having fun and AWFULLY RAGING sometimes.

Not many have tried streaming Hearthstone while surrounded by family.
Let's see how does gameplay develop if you have to go wash off the chockolate of someone's hand every 2-3 minutes or if you have to think about your next turn while pushing the baby swing. I think it will be interesting and mostly educating. At least we'll learn how not to do things.

Család körében HS-t streamelni még nem próbáltak sokan.
Lássuk, hogyan alakulnak a játékok, ha 2-3 percenként kell kimenni valakinek csokit lemosni a kezéről vagy milyen ha hintáztatás közben gondoljuk ki, mit teszünk a következő körben. Szerintem érdekes lesz, és főleg tanulságos. Legalábbis olyan tekintetben, hogy mit ne csináljunk úgy, ahogy.

Give credit, where it's due!
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Joshua (ProjectSYD | ) achieved Legend rank with it on 2019.04.27.

Know your memes:
73 (sub goal) : According to dr. Sheldon Cooper phd. the best number ever (not counting 42, of course).
1 lemon : Lemme smash! - smashing, scoring: successful engagement into intercourse. However, taking the expression literalily, I'm gonna smash all the lemons you might send. Get ready for limonades. :)
1 icecream: Lick my balls! - sound sample taken from Rick and Morty
1 diamond: eggs boiled too hard - well, I'm not in the business of sand grains. You send a diamond, make it big as an egg. And hard...
1 Nijaghini, 1 Ninjet: never seen any of those... Maybe you get nothing in return, but some silly quacks. And my thanks, of course!


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