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Heya folks!

My name is Timm and i love to have fun live with my friends and give back to the community!

Interrested in joining my discord? try !discord in chat to be notified whenever i go live, or to catch up on my playthroughs

First Sub: https://dlive.tv/A_BiShOp

First Ninjet: https://dlive.tv/Sinmaster

My Twitter: (Deleted)
My Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDUTGDBeRszBFRywk9hikRQ?view_as=subscriber

(I do not support DLive itself nor their problematic users/streamers, im just here to have fun- so refrain from connecting me with the site, as i do not share many of the views that are allowed to let slide on this streaming service)
All donations accumilated in my stream goes back to small streamers on DLive

My Donation link: https://streamlabs.com/ttdl22
(if you wanna support me personally)

I made a Teespring account and made sure to put everything up on there with the lowest price possible.
i don't make a single cent off of these, because that's not the point.
i just want you guys to get something for yourself!


Lemon: Nico Nico Niii~
Ice-cream: FBI OPEN UP!
Diamond: Make you pump like that
Ninjaghini: Shrek techno
Ninjet: Ultimate Earrape
honestly just non existant rn

itll happen when it happens
Do you like the rush of gambling just as much as me?

Do you have old steam inventory items, Crypto, or just some cash laying around you wanna gamble?

Then click the Image above and make sure to check out my personal Gambling site of choice!

You can also Redeem 1000 Free coins by using my Code: TimmAllen

All winnings can be withdrawn in Steam Inventory items or BTC

or dont!, its up to you!
I would like to introduce a good friend of mine, His Username is GoodGuyStin. I had him on stream on Febuary 5th last year and our little community gave him the morale to start streaming himself and hes been absolutely crushing it to say the least.
So i would personally really appreciate it if you click on the icon above to atleast give him a look.